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NJC Property Maintenance Tel. 0115 849 6326 Mobile 07830 203 504


Landlord Restoration and Maintenance                  




“Outside of my day job in IT, my wife and I invest our money in property and are beginning to build a portfolio of “buy-to-let” houses.

Our aim is to purchase property below the market value and what this has meant so far is there is quite a bit of restoration and maintenance work to do in order to make the property ready for renting to tenants.

We do not have all the skills and knowledge to do all aspects of renovating and maintaining a house, especially when it comes to electrical work.  We therefore needed to engage with skilled people we could trust to ensure the work needed was done at a high quality, and met the minimum requirements for being a landlord.

Nigel Cunnington has many years of experience in all aspects of maintenance, including many years of experience with electrics. 

We instructed Nigel to carry out a complete safety check and survey of the electrics in our last investment property, and proceeded with his quotation for work on the changes and updates that we needed.

My wife and I were extremely pleased with the quality of the work carried out, and we had peace of mind that the property’s electrics were safe.

Nigel is now on the top of our list for helping us on future properties and maintaining our existing ones.  We thought we would have to find a number of people to handle the varying requirements of maintaining the house, but with Nigel Cunnington we get the knowledge and experience in all aspects of house renovation.

Electrics, Plumbing, Tiling, Decorating, Woodwork, Garden maintenance and more…..

Great Quality, Great Service and highly recommended to any landlord or property owner.”

David Anderson